Artificial Intelligence

ASGARDArtificial Intelligence

ASGARD aims to build an active and sustainable community of practitioners (LEA, industry, research) which goal is to help LEAs increase their technological autonomy by delivering every 6 months and following open source principles new tools.

AVIATOR (ISF)Artificial Intelligence

The AviaTor project develops intelligence tools to reduce the time spent by LEAs on investigating online child sexual abuse material. These tools combine artificial intelligence, to classify imagery, with targeted online research capabilities.

Border Control

MESMERISEBorder Control

MESMERISE provides two complementary technologies for improved and fast detection of smuggled items like drugs, explosives or weapons.Able to work in non-divest condition increases the respect for privacy and intimacy avoiding explicit images.

PROFILEBorder Control

PROFILE develops and tests modern data analytics tools with a view to improving Customs risk management techniques; while incorporating new and open data sources, including logistics big data, and product values accessible on e-commerce sites.

Terrorist content online

VOX-POLTerrorist content online

VOX-Pol is a partnering, research, training, and dissemination network that has as its core function comprehensive research, analysis, debate, and critique of topics in and issues surrounding violent online political extremism, and responses to it.

Disaster risk management

HEIMDALL+IN-PREPDisaster risk management

HEIMDALL aims to provide an integrated tool for disaster management (primarily involving landslides, floods, and wildfires) by addressing the needs of the involved first responders in terms of interoperability and inter-organisational coordination.

ROCSAFEDisaster risk management

ROCSAFE will improve how Chemical, Biological, and Radiation/Nuclear incidents are assessed, and help protect lives of crime scene investigators, by using robotics, sensors, and AI, so humans do not need to enter dangerous scenes to gather evidence.